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Sustainable solutions for the optimized use of material properties and new material functions

At the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM, we make the mechanisms and processes in materials manageable in order to extract the full potential and efficiency from technical systems. By measuring materials down to their atomic structures and by influencing interactions we modify material properties for new new functionalities. Our in-depth scrutinization of material characteristics and manufacturing processes empowers the realization of new products and technologies.

Our profound understanding of the behavior of materials and components coupled with the often unexpected insights we gain allow the Fraunhofer IWM to provide innovative solutions. These act as a catalyst, enabling our clients and business partners to realize reliable, safe and high performance components and systems, increased production yield, new material properties and component functions as well as material and energy efficiency.

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Fraunhofer IWM: Sustainable, efficient solutions for new materials and the optimized use of material properties

Range of services at the Fraunhofer IWM

  • Solutions to avoid and control defects, crack formation, deformation, fracture, failure, wear and fatigue in materials and components when taxed with mechanical, thermal, chemical or electrical loads
  • Material characterization, component testing, damage analyses, failure diagnosis and microstructural analysis
  • Materials modeling, process and component simulation on the atomic, microscopic and/or macroscopic scale
  • Surface layer assessment, coatings, tribology, functionalization, bio-surface and interfacial analysis
  • Process, material and device development

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Latest Fraunhofer IWM research news and reports

19.-20. October 2015: Sustainability Summit 2015 in Freiburg

19.-20. October 2015: Sustainability Summit 2015 in Freiburg

(06.22.2015) At the Sustainability Summit 2015 from October 19 – 20 at the Konzerthaus in Freiburg, we will jointly discuss major challenges of our time, like societal transformation, climate change and the future of our energy systems. Don’t miss this unique opportunity ... [more]

Precisely simulating the production of ceramic tape - Fraunhofer research news

Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM: Precisely simulating the production of ceramic tape

(06.01.2015) Manufacturers of ceramic tape currently have to rely on their own experience when it comes to configuring the tape properties. But now a new combination of macroscopic and microscopic simulation is facilitating this process by predicting how ... [more]

Spray drying the precision particle under the virtual magnifying glass

Fraunhofer IWM: Spray drying the precision particle under the virtual magnifying glass

(05.06.2015) Spray drying is a common manufacturing process, used in the production of ceramic granulate for technical components or dental prostheses as well as dissolvable medicinal substances, food additives and in the processing of milk into powder. Using ... [more]

Outstanding research of cracks and ruptures: knowing when the crack is dangerous

(04.23.2015) Dr. Christoph Schweizer has received the silver badge of honor for his work in modeling thermomechanical alternating loads of metallic materials from the German Association for Materials Research and Testing (DVM). Schweizer, the group leader for ... [more]

Waves, folds and plastic flow: detecting the first signs of wear on metal surfaces

Fraunhofer IWM: Chip created on the surface of polycrystalline copper after scratching with a hard tip. Experiment and simulation.

(12.16.2014) A team of scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM in Freiburg shows which wear mechanisms take place on metal surfaces before the actual wear becomes apparent. These latest findings from the Fraunhofer IWM will be presented ... [more]

Simulations for better transparent oxide layers - Fraunhofer research news

(09.01.2014) Touchscreens and solar cells rely on special oxide layers. However, errors in the layers’ atomic structure impair not only their transparency, but also their conductivity. Using atomic models, Fraunhofer researchers have found ways of identifying and removing these errors ... [more]

Crash-testing rivets - Fraunhofer research news

(08.04.2014) Rivets have to reliably hold the chassis of an automobile together – even if there is a crash. Previously, it was difficult to predict with great precision how much load they could tolerate. A more advanced model now delivers realistic projections ... [more]

Liquid crystal lubricant - Fraunhofer research news

Fraunhofer IWM: Wissenschaftspreis des Stifterverbandes 2014 - Forschung im Verbund

(05.21.2014) Thanks to a new lubricant, small gears can run with virtually no friction. Made from liquid crystalline fluid, these lubricants drastically reduce friction and wear. For this, Dr. Andreas Kailer und Dr. Tobias Amann and their project partners were awarded the prize ... [more]

Ceramic screws – corrosion and heat resistant - Fraunhofer research news

(04.30.2014) Most screws are made of steel. But high temperatures or acidic environments take their toll on this otherwise stable material. The alternative is ceramic screws. Researchers can now accurately predict their stress resistance ... [more]


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